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Re: My Rope Theory

Think its definitely food for thought.

It reminds me of another similar analogy, it suggests that Aikido is like a tree.

Some Aikido takes the form of Roots - pure Iwama style
Some take the form of the trunk - mainstream yoshinkan, hombu style
Some take the form of branches - more stylized individual forms
Some take the form of leaves - "ki no michi"
(you can argue who is what part of the tree but it is a bit irrelevant, unless you think the trunk is better than roots or leaves are better than branches)

Importantly for the tree to survive it needs roots, a trunk, branches and leaves.

You don't see the branches of a tree fighting with the roots for survival. They exist as part of the same entity and need each other to form a big healthy strong tree.

I will think more about your analogy.
Thanks for sharing.
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