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Re: Training Internal Strength

I'm trying to get the jist here....
I'm not saying genuine internal strength does not exist, what I would like to know is define internal strength..... I figure it to be conditioning, not "mystical power" or throwing imaginary "ki" balls
I know "Internal" strength exists!! To some extent I have experienced it myself, maybe not to the levels that some have achieved, such as Dan and the like.... How does one gauge these things?
I'll try and explain....... I can do all the "aiki" things with my son who has not yet practised aikido, but has a rational interest. He is very strong and well built for his age (19), so I use his sceptic attitude to do the "aiki" whilst he holds strongly or tries to escape from the waza that I apply (gently, I might add as I have no wish to hurt him) He tells me he is unable to resist, and feels totally off balance, or unable to move as he is helpless, so I am going by his response. I have also trained this way with all my students and ask them to resist with all they have, I still move them easily and make my waza successful. They don't doubt what I'm doing is fake....Maybe I am getting the wrong end of the stick here.....? All the so called "ki" tests I can do, so what is it I am supposed to be " Not getting"......?
I see these as body mechanics and knowing how to relax, the hard thing, is to do it whilst under pressure, that is where fighting skill comes in. If you are a bad fighter all the internal power in the world is not going to win the fight for you, only fortitude, skill and the mentality behind this will do that.....

What I am getting at or dismissing is throwing "ki" balls and the like, or shouting or "looking" at someone is going to throw them, it's just complete and utter nonsense, woo woo and "money" to me, we all know that.... or should do....
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