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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Training Internal Strength

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well, I think its obvious that I agree with that.
But following your logic...
TMA of all types Asian and modern have not yet produced the equivalent of those men either...and they never will. They are MMA people. Hence the reason I have been doing MMA most of my life. On the other hand I have produced men who can fight..and have fought. I don't know about other people and their students.
To further that point most MMA coaches of all types have not produced a steady stream of fighters with 368 to 1 records either. So the point is?
The point is that following the training regime of, lets say for instance, the Ribeiro brothers or Rickson can be seen as a safer bet for those who are interested in obtaining fighting skills.

The point of aiki skills being stand alone skillsets useful in other disciplines can be approached the same way. If I wanted to point a contemporay dance friend towards an IT/IS coach and he asked me which top ballet company is working with him, what could be the answer? Something in the lines of "look around and find it yourself" or "you do not need to know that" or "check the guy first and then tell me"?
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