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Re: Training Internal Strength

Hi David

David Orange wrote: View Post
Can you elaborate on Abe and Tempukai?
Q:You mentioned the Tempukai earlier. Tohei Sensei was also involved in that organization. Is that where he got his ki exercises?
A:I think he was influenced by the Tempu system, but those exercises were mainly his own creation after he went to Hawaii.

Q:Were you part of the Tempukai yourself? Tadashi Abe was.
A:Not me, but rather Abe. Tempu Sensei and O-Sensei were the only ones for Abe. Tohei Sensei was also a Tempukai member. So was my father, and Abe's father who sponsored O-Sensei, and Tada Sensei as well.

Q:Were there any others among the main teachers?
A: There may have been. At that time in aikido there were the Tempukai group, and the group that was involved with the macrobiotics organization of Nyoichi Sakurazawa Sensei [known as Georges Ohsawa in the West].

Interview with Yamada Y. Sensei

Tempukai is the organization founded by Nakamura Tempu

I hope this helps.
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