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Re: Training Internal Strength

Hi David
I think comments like "people who are not going to collude with this nonsense" States the limits of Tony's understanding of the subject.
And that is NOT a put down to Tony. Hell I get where he's coming from all too well.
It just tells you of his exposure to real IP and real aiki. I mean come on, most reasonable people who can fight look at the aiki world and what they think is taiji and scoff. I think rightly so. I did too.
How in thee hell am I going to fault Tony for stating my own postion twenty years ago?

IP and aiki skills are a stand alone skill sets Marc and I were discussing this yesterday, but like it or not, approve or not, we are talking martial arts, and people want to see stuff that works. Some people have difficulty meeting and feeling some IP aiki coaches and "understanding" or figuring out, how it translates into actual fighting. I at least...try... to make it obvious. I haven't heard the word "collusion" applied to me when I am moving. I bet Ark as well. And from what I hear no one is going to be"colluding" with Mike any time soon either. I suspect there a dozens of guys here laughing their asses off at that comment...even though they get where Tony is coming from.
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