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Re: Proper seiza rei with ken

I realized I didn't explain that fully.

Bowing in:
Have the weapon at your side as below, then place the bokken in front of you at the same time the instructor does. Blade towards you, with the tsuba on the left hand side. Once you have bowed to the Shomen and the instructor turns to bow to the group place the weapon back at your side and bow.

Couple of extra notes. The Rei itself can be done with the left hand placed on the mat followed by the right, this is so that if you get attacked at the last moment you can still draw your blade. (provided it is at your left side). Bowing in with the Jo and Bokken, place the jo on the curved side of the bokken, nice and close, this will mean that you can pick up the weapons with one hand without them clattering together.
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