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Ki Symbol Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

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Principles are excellent to discuss. It always helps me get my head around them so that I can apply them better. Not good but better.

I would agree that from what I have experiences, Ikeda Sensei is one of the best examples of applied principles with a sincere desire to transmit them the others.

When I started training directly with him he would often say "Understand?" and of course I didn't even see it let alone understand it. But over time I saw a little more, understood a little more, and eventually could apply a little more (only a little more).

What I heard Ikeda Sensei say a lot was "unity". Musubi, to connect and join centers.

Not sure how that translates to chinese internal terms.

Ah.................I am not alone in that perspective. I love the discombobulating thing he does when you grab his had and he slowly takes your balance as he smile at you. He mentioned taking away the alignment one's body structure naturally has only slightly but that was enough. It may look fake until one feels it. I just would like to see other practical applications other than just hand grabs for such a principle.