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Re: Training Internal Strength

Sorry, Tony - it's different.

I grew up wrestling and playing judo. Did aikido and karate in high school - a dabbling of kickboxing (really humorous kickboxing that proves that we all SUCK at some components of martial arts). Started back with aikido because I found an independent club that trained really hard and didn't like BS. Dabbled in traditional weapon systems.

Started back into boxing/grappling/MMA in 2005. Started getting interested in Internal Strength in 2007. Met Dan Harden that summer . . impressed enough that this is something "different" and also very, very worthwhile training that I started looking for other avenues to explore it. Met Mike Sigman in 2008. Still working on "this stuff" still getting together with other people interested in "this stuff". It's a long process - it's a different way to move.

Moved to a new location in the last year. Joined a MMA gym. Still working on "this stuff". Still making progress. Temporarily taking a break from the formal role playing side of martial arts that involves pajamas and lots of bowing.

This stuff is different. I hear lots of people say they "already do that" or that you "learn it through hard traning". This stuff is different. But I don't know that you're going to learn that for yourself if you've already convinced yourself you know it all already.

The thing is - I've always trained hard. To get anywhere with "this stuff" (beyond just talking about how awesome it is), you have to train harder than you would believe - ridiculous amounts of solo work and conditioning to transform your body. How powerful you are is based on how well your body is conditioned - simple as that. There's a skill component as well . . which is very mentally taxing . . after . .AFTER you've done a boatload of that work . .then you can realisticaly think about how you can apply it.

This is stuff is different. And it's bloody difficult. And time consuming.

But then - you show me any path/Way/Do/Tao that is worth a piss that isn't
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