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Tony Wagstaffe
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Re: Training Internal Strength

Honestly guys don't you think I believe in it, can't do it??
To me it's all tricks and most cases, over collusion..... It's funny how those of you that have had serious training actually know exactly how to do it, through hard physical training and nothing else..... It is simple mechanics, I'm well aware of it, but the trouble is I cannot see what the fascination is......?????
I'm against the woo woo and ridiculous claims and the endless excuses not to train hard.....
Kenji Tomiki Shihan was able to do all of this kind of thing and never (rarely) demonstrated it..... It was in correct and proper training that one finds out how to do it, a strong inner core that can only be realised by hard training. No one taught me it, I just knew that I could do it....
So please save your money and put it to charity or something...

Nice of you to offer though, cheers
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