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Re: Training Internal Strength

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We are talking some seriously powerful people here, Tony, and your comments are quite obviously both uninformed and not very constructive.

As I am uninfomed myself most of the time, oh well....
But at least try to be constructive, for the sake of the discussion here.
I was going to say the same but in a different way.
Tony - I see from your web page you teach ...for free. You obviously love Aikido practice. As luck would have it there seems to be an upcoming UK seminar in the works. If I may be so bold, I would suggest you -try your level best- to get in and go meet Mr. Harden. I bet you ten quid that this is the most interesting and captivating thing you will have seen in Aikido...for a good long while, if not ever. Seems all you have to do is write a negative review (with a straight face, and sincerity) and you will get your money back. win-win.

no shit. i'd mail you the tenner. go see.
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