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Re: your number one technique

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Naaa!!!, Henry I'm just one of those 'orrible cabbies that drives away when I see how many are chasing them!!!!!
At last !!! a good technique for all to learn. much better than " The way to handle a bully is to walk away."

Rik ( my son ) was quietly walking home from a night out.

Three yobs were giving some poor girls serious grief, as Rik approached, he politely asked ( he is always polite ) the yobs to leave the girls alone, they then turned on him, as he walked backwards stating those famous words " I don't want any trouble " which of course he knew they would take as weakness, he had his hands in the air as he walked backwards ( for possible CTV ) they attacked him, he knocked two out and the third backed off. They were punching and never made contact. Rik's only injury was a broken hand, which resulted in the cancellation of 3 forthcoming fights..He then walked the young ladies safely home.
So, walking away from bullies can be very dangerous.....

Henry Ellis
Aikido in MMA
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