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Re: Is there another solution?

Hi folks,

I don't see any reason to continuing this discussion at this point. Thread closed.

To the anonymous poster (and others who may post in the future): whether you chose to misrepresent your gender in your posts or you are changing your story mid-stream, I will say that neither behavior is welcome here in the Anonymous forum, as I would consider both to be a breach in the trust inherently necessary in keeping the Anonymous forum an honest and genuine place. I do not wish to cultivate a culture of second-guessing anonymous posters in the Anonymous forum. In the future, I ask all anonymous posters to conduct themselves authentically while respecting and maintaining the "veil" of anonymity afforded to them in this forum. I would rather not have to close the Anonymous forum if such privileges were to be taken outside of the spirit of the Anonymous forum.

Thank you,

-- Jun

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