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Re: Training Internal Strength

Interestingly enough you can meet various seminar attendees from the tradiional arts, the internal arts and internal coaches with any number of people and they have made little to no progress, Of course, this also applies to any number of famous teachers students doesn't it? I have met many, so has everyone here. Why are we talking about this? Most, hell even martial art newbies understand why that is. I mean does any one need to be told this? I mean..really? Budo has always required that the budoka puts in the work....many do not. Smart people might ask,why if someone already knows this, why they would use that same realization as a standard to repeatedly bash the work of others. Best defense is offense? Sort of makes you go hmmm...

So yup, the onus is on those attending to do the work and to wind their way through those teaching things and see who has a method that will work for you
My best advice is to go and feel but more importantly, ask if the one teaching has any long term students (not seminar attendees) who have real power and skill that people have actually met. That one qualifier can knock out even true experts. Some people are NEVER going to get it to any serious degree, no matter what... others, just can't teach!!

There is some serious three card monty being slung out there in budo land and this stuff is no different. The good news is that there are many people reading those who are doing the following; discounting real skill as false, real progress always as the wrong direction, those teaching (who have been tested by real experts) as liars, while tactfully suggesting that only they have good or pure answers...yet strangely they offer little if any real information, instead telling you, "to steal it" or to "figure it out on your own.".Budo people can be pretty sharp. More and more people are getting hip to the narrative.
I continue to suggest the best thing to do is to get out there and see for yourself. Meet as many people as you can claiming to teach this stuff..and also meet Japanese and Chinese experts supposedly doing this stuff and test yourself with them.
Good luck in your search
And wishing you the best

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