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Re: Is there another solution?

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....I tried to hard to conceal my gender of being a woman. Sounding more androgynous was what I wanted. Indicating no particular sex was a way I thought I could avoid sexism.
Wow, really?

But in terms of the Alpha dog world men live in, I wouldn't have gotten any respect. He would've of keep on me as his bitch. We know as men when that happens, it is all over for us
Huh, could have sounded more androgynous, I think.

Feels like a lot of honest advice was offered to you based on a deception, and it was a deception that was once again based on an anticipated reaction by other people to your truth.

What do you suppose that's about?

Do you think we should spend more time giving you advice when we don't know what else you said, anonymously to boot, that just isn't true?

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