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Lari Hammarberg
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Re: Making your own bokken/tanto etc.

Couple of things i forgot to mention, they did have oak, red oak and no idea where it came from and no idea about what specific species it is... So much about knowledge of these "professionals." Neither of the places i visited had any type of white oak. They knew about it, but didn't have any. And somehow i got a feeling they didn't take me too seriously. Both places asked what i need the wood for. It might sound funny to them to have somebody looking wood for wooden swords.

Anyway, i think i will try birch. I just talked with our guitarrist, he's quite pro in woodworks.(makes instruments etc.) He said that slowly grown dry birch might be good. At least from my experience the Finnish natural birch is quite hell to work with, at least its hard and strong wood.. And finns have all kind of stuff made from birch in everyday use and it's easy to get. If i'm really lucky i dont have to even buy it.
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