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Re: Training Internal Strength

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
I'm pretty sure I see what they're trying to say, David, but I don't think it's particularly revelatory. I could say "do Taiji and you will get internal strength", but saying that and doing a form for you isn't going to tell you the myriad unsaid things that are going on.

For all practical purposes, those people are saying "do Tanren and you will develop Aiki". Really? Farm Out.
Well, they are definitely promoting it as 90 Days to Aiki. It's not just the title, but it's in the written headings within the video.

Your points are well taken as are some of the other comments that look at what the people are actually doing.

I still want to study this clip, though, and work out what the narrator is actually saying.

I recently did a bunch of bokken work and after just a couple of days, my lower back was killing me. And for the first time I seriously thought, maybe the highly respected teacher who taught me this way made a mistake. Or maybe he just never bothered to correct the mistake I made over thousands of cuts in his presence. Maybe he doesn't really cut that way, himself. Maybe he has lower back trouble, too, and just bears it, which could explain a bit about his personality. So I've been doing some serious re-evaluation of my most fundamental use of bokken and I see some things in the clip that could be interesting to work with.

Well, someone's bound to put out a 30 day version soon, anyway...



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