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Re: Training Internal Strength

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I have some questions about training for Internal Strength.

I read quite a few posts about internal strength on AikiWeb, and I'm interested in learning more about it. But I am not quite sure what it is exactly. I've tried to find out more on YouTube. Is it something like this or this?

I also read that it is very much possible and even required to do a lot of solo exercises to improve ones internal strength. What kind of exercises are these? Are they something like this or this? (Well, these examples aren't solo, but my wife might be an exercise partner)

Might these solo exercises be learned from video or would I require a personal teacher to teach me the right way to solo exercise? (I wouldn't know where I can find someone that teaches this kind of stuff in my area)

(Perhaps I should have started this topic under "Training", but I wasn't sure if this topic would qualify as an Aikido training topic)
Aikido,Taiji,bagua,Yichuan ect are all based on exercises that involve the whole body to drop into the ground (gravity).
Taiji calls this cold power,other names are Ki or Chi.
In other words" You" bring everything to the table at once.

Here in the mysterious mountain town of Plymouth, England call it plyometrics.
Plyometrics is a modern term.I prefer the term used by the great Jedi master Sir Isaac Newton,he called it the third law of physics.

Moving from the centre,shaking of the waist,fajin, are terms used to mask what it really is and make money from something that is free.

A 7th dan Aikidoka tried to perform nikyo on me about ten years ago,although he was a lowly 6th dan then and failed miserably,even though he claimed before hand that nobody had ever stopped him doing one before in thirty years.
He said my ki was very powerful.A nice compliment I thought,from someone who had been koiche toheh's European uke in the mid 70s.

Aikido,Taiji/Bagua are simple arts.People who make them complicated are doing more art than martial.

Training for balance and proprioception is what will make you more powerful.
Training techniques will only allow you to fight off wheel chair bound muggers,should the shit hit the fan.
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