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Amir Krause
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Re: Is there another solution?


In the first post, you asked for opinoins on YOUR Behavior, not on the other behavior.

The person you visited did not behave as a sensei (teacher) at all. He did not repect his visitors, and he abused you.

But, this was not the subject of your own questions, you asked about your own behavior: "was there another solution".

The simple answer is yes, there are other solutions when faced with a bully. Those solutons starts at your being able to think and control your emotions, and act in coolness and not out of rightous anger. Had that been your situation, you could have done much better.
Lets make an anlalogy of your situaiton to the mat, and examine your conlict resolution:
* You were attacked multiple times
* You absorbed all of those attacks, never moving out of line, never deflecting
* At the end of the confrontation, you attacked with devestating force.
To me, this sounds like medicure boxing at best, deinitly not like Aikido:
-> You did not sense his intention to attack, even after the mpth time.
-> You did not move out of line
-> You did not create any Kuzushi

Aikido entails much more then the techniques in a static situaiton, and in my eyes, in this situation you failed to employ it. Had I been you, I would have gone back to training on the mat, and try to reflect much more on my practice, slighlty beyond the narrow confines of the mechnical practice.

I do not claim toexcel at this,on the contrary, I too need lots of practice in such conflicts. Especially when "rightous anger" is involved, those are the situaitons in which I find the emplying my training is hardest - but this is the reason I practice more, and I would not have found the result you got acceptable - In strive to get much better results out of a conflict.