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Lee Salzman
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Re: Training Internal Strength

Dave de Vos wrote: View Post
I'm not juding the usefullness or quality of execution of the exercises shown in the video. But IMHO these exercises have little to do with the IS exercises that are the subject of this thread. I also think that the poster was fully aware of that when he posted it.
Ah, the error could lie on my end because I was never good at discriminating what is sarcasm on these newfangled intertubes. Perhaps I misread the conversation that ensued from the initial link posting...

But still, how many might have looked at that video and its title, as well as its claimed origin, and decided they were actually legitimate training tools? Hell, not too long ago, I might have looked at the video and been fooled by it enough to consider it, rather than immediately picking it apart. Stuff like that, that is prescriptive video broadcasted for everyone to see and not just surface discussion, really deserves to be judged, so the unwary don't fall into the trap. If it has little to do with what is being discussed in this thread, it is helpful for us to understand why rather than assume we're all on the same page.

Perhaps it was the fact that I realized not too long ago I might have been fooled by certain aspects of the presentation of that matter that is what set off my pet-peeve meter in the first place, and hence I am judging the usefulness and quality of execution...

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