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Lee Salzman
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Re: Training Internal Strength

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Lee,

This is my viewing of it too, although I don't understand the dialogue, so only have my eyes to trust.
I am always wary of any title that purports to give you something in a shorter time than is usually expected.

It's hard to know quite how ridgid his body is as it is possible to remain in posture with relaxation, but I completely agree about the cuts coming from the shoulders, apart from the arms it looks like there is no other part of the body being used, apart from being a anchor.

Although videos are interesting to watch and discuss, IMHO the way to learn aiki is to find someone who has it and can do it, then stay with them until you've got it too ( I bet it will take a bit more than 90 days ).


Remaining in that posture with relaxation while in motion is rigidity as well, in essence the body parts are frozen in space and just stabilizing in an unaware fashion, or the opposite mistake being whiplash effects, no? Does it matter if its done with heavy tension or none at all if its misdirected, or in this case, undirected? Now even if you had a teacher show you these exercises, would it help really help? If the teacher himself isn't sure how exactly the exercises help, may Flying Spaghetti Monster help the student...

These exercises, in essence, don't actually teach you what you need to do, if the implication is you need an understanding of what the thing is you're trying to learn to use them to learn it. Sure, you could do maybe do them in a way that could use aiki or internal strength or whatever, but you can do almost any other action as well, So shouldn't the chosen set of exercises actually help illustrate (make obvious) the flaws in our previous habits that need to be corrected and help point the way towards better corrected habits, with or without a teacher? That should be the criteria for any training regimen even if the goal is to learn in 90 months instead of 90 days, no?

Even if the video was linked in jest, it seems perhaps there is a major buyer beware notice to be pointed out by it and the subject of where and what you train...
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