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Lee Salzman
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Re: Training Internal Strength

David Orange wrote: View Post
Excellent. I can't believe that's available.

You've done a public service!


To play devil's advocate, what in this video would really train aiki so efficiently that you could learn it in 90 days, or learn it at all? I don't see it.

It seems like many of the illustrated exercises might even teach you the opposite, the habit of keeping your body so rigid that the only thing left to drive the cut is the shoulders, like the man cutting with the sword in the video is doing.

In other cases his body is cutting itself in half before the force ever gets out his arm. Pay attention at the first exercise in 1:30. Look how the force is bleeding out his belt-line. In essence, he is using all the force from his lower body to try and break his spine in half, so that he can, at best, whiplash his arm weakly forward. Also watch how this is causing his front knee to fly over his own foot, uprooting him at the end. Then, as noted earlier, in later exercises, he is just so stiff most of the body is not even being involved at all.

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