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Re: Is there another solution?

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In my situation, I was being insulted, and mocked, based on a sensei's arrogance and feeling he had to dominate me. My ego kicked in as it should as a safe guarding mechanism for self-protection. Without that ego doing its job, I would be nothing but a punching bag. I would have no self-esteem, or confidence without ego. I would be reduced to the status of a batter wife syndrome mentality. My self-esteem and confidence crushed, subordinate to Adam Henry sensei's abuse, i.e. his bitch. My ego needed to be in place to prevent that. I need to show him I wasn't his bitch.
Sorry, but your ego didn't protect you here. It kept you on the mat, taking his abuse, for the entire class. The way to avoid being a "battered wife" is to leave.

(Incidentally, a friend of mine was murdered by her husband. For you to describe being knocked down a couple of times in the same terms is extremely offensive.)


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