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Re: Ki Eureka

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
...I have uke hold my wrists and push them towards my body, trapping them at the top of leg groin area ( a groundpath is established of course). Then I imagine this - My arms are like two ropes and have no strength of their own. My one point/hara/dantien call it what you will is like a balloon that has pressure inside it. The pressure from the uke on the outside is eqaul to the pressure from the hara on the inside, there is equilibrium and my hands are 'trapped' between the two opposing forces. Then and this is where the interesting stuff starts, I mentally increase the pressure/ki from the inside, so the balloon starts to get bigger and bigger. At all times I feel my hands and arms are like innocent bystanders, as they remain squashed between uke and the internal pressure of the balloon. As a connection has already been made with uke at the start, I never fail to move uke backwards with surprising ease.

Similar to the exercise you describe ( I've seen it on vid). But maybe with the difference of my weird way of thinking.
That sounds like what Ark and Dan teach as "agete" except that they just raise the hands straight up. But when Rob John does it, his arms are just like you describe. I think you're onto the same thing and I'm going to try it as you describe because that agete is a key element that I'm working toward.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
It is good that there are people honestly searching for things that others don't believe exist or dont want to believe or can't be bothered to put the time in to discover.
We're really lucky that there are people who are willing to explicitly teach this stuff. My recognition of ki stems directly from literal years of arguing with Mike, Dan and Rob, watching videos of Ark and Mike, meeting Ark and Dan, as well as Rob, doing a lot of the work they recommend and really thinking about what was happening with the body.

So hats off to those guys and thanks to you for the tip on agete.

Best to you.


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