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Also, I stand by my statement that there is a biomechanical standard for Ki. If you have poor posture, or don't know how to move your body well, you will never get to experience Ki. Ushiro Kenji talks about this a lot. He would often get people to sit in seiza in proper posture, have them bow, and then get someone stand on their back while they bow and do this without any strain on their back.

It's true. Be assured that I only noticed this because I became so fascinated with the muscles, bones, fascia and how the mind works with those. I was starting to get some interesting results with those physical/mental efforts when I recognized the nature of the missing element--ki--as a part among those other parts, all of them parts of myself.

I appreciate your comments especially since I know you've been working very hard and, as you say, your interest is in results.

And the thing about working with the kids and starting to recognize their feelings behind their bad behavior, is exactly the kind of thing I mean. That's the same communication you need with a would-be attacker in order really to connect with him, but you need a more highly developed ki to use it if you have to fight him. And then ki is only an element. You don't "hit" the attacker with your ki anymore than you hit him with your eyeball. The ki helps optimize the organization of the body and also times the movement and shapes it in such a way that it will get through to him. But it's the body that actually hits him, though he may also throw himself as he subconsciously, through the ki, feels your ki coming at him like a cannonball.

It's a fascinating subject.



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