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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Hi Mark

The training at the Hut Dojo was always very hard, the highlight was the recovery session with Sensei Wlilliams in the Hut Pub for a couple of pints of beer after training.

I appreciate that Sensei Williams later joined with Tohei Sensei, I believe he will always be remembered for what he achieved between 1955 - 1967. I do accept that he went on to do much more.
That is why I have worked so hard against the odds to protect the history of the early days of British Aikdo...
I can fully understand why Sensei stepped back as he did from the likes of the BAB...They could have done so much for Aikido, they have failed miserably.
Please give my sincere regards to Sensei Williams.

Henry Ellis
Hi Henry,

Of course I will pass on your regards.

I will be seeing him soon as I have three young students going up for their 1st Dan Grading.

Sensei is not the hard taskmaster he once was, age and wisdom has tempered him. However 'George' the Shinai is occasionally taken from the rack, when he is roused by students not doing what they've been shown!



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