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Re: Looking for good videos that look like BS

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Ikeda sensei:

Sunadomari sensei:

Endo Sensei:

Yamaguchi Sensei:

And how could we forget Shioda sensei.
(give that one a few moments to get to the "fake looking" stuff)
I recognized some good fake-looking stuff from Ikeda sensei.
Sunadomari sensei's no-touch throws (with and without weapons) looked pretty fake.
The video of Endo sensei was too far to see anything that looked fake. It all looked like standard (albeit very good) aikido from that distance.
I the video of Yamaguchi sensei, only the hold-down at 3 minutes looked fake (I know it's not because it worked on me before).
Maybe I've seen too many Shioda sensei videos, but I didn't see anything that looked really fake.

Certainly there must be more fake-looking stuff out there. I'm having a hard time finding it on YouTube too. Maybe I need to look under the internal training stuff.
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