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I also try to spread inflicting myself on yudansha around at seminars...I figure if they only have to put up with me once...

I do have a bit different view on Anat's comments, though. When I'm at a seminar, like him I don't want a partner insisting I do it 'his way' (and have a variety of ways to fix that), but it is not so I can do it the way my sensei taught me, it is so I can do it the way the seminar instructor is doing it (though this may be what Anat meant). I am often amazed to see so many folks pay good money to go to a seminar and NOT try what the instructor shows.

On the big scheme of things, and probably not surprising to those who've trained with me, I don't much care if the seniors think my technique is good or not, I'm not doing Aikido for them, I'm doing it for me. If I'm taking care of my uke, and trying my best, I'm a happy camper.
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