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Re: Is there another solution?

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The point where I thought I went too far is when I choked out the Adam Henry sensei after class. Did I show proper restraint, I stand that up against the great amount of restraint I showed during the class when the Adam Henry sensei was screwing me and insulting me during class.
Unfortunately, the two don't balance out. They don't cancel each other. You're going to be stuck unless you can think of it in terms other than "this balances that". It may take a while for you to be comfortable with that idea, but fighting to make wrongs cancel each other out never works. In the meantime, maybe it's worth taking the pragmatic view that you could have ended up in a world of trouble. You thought you could control your choke, you thought you would not choke him out, and you were wrong. That should tell you that you were also not in control of how much damage you inflicted. You're depriving a person's brain of oxygen, and that's an action with a lot of risk involved. If you don't want to be fully responsible for all the possible consequences, to him and to you, then don't take the risk.