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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 18

Kimura: "it is said that Shiro Saigo won against jujutsuka by the technique called Yama-Arashi [mountain storm]. Is this a tehcnique of Daito-ryu?"
Sagawa: "No. I don't think so. . . . It's said that Aiki was transmitted to Takeda Sensei by Hoshina/Saigo Sensei, although I believe that it was actually Takeda Sensei who created it.
When I look at the photograph of Tanomo Saigo . . . , I simipy cannot believe that he could have done Aiki. Even when sitting, those who have been trained and those who haven't seem different. he might have learned a littlle bit of the form only,[insert WHAT?... FORM?] but I think it was something that Takeda Sensei created. . . .Nor have I ever heard that Tanomo Saigo was a master. (Transparent Power, pp 119-120)
"Seems different...."
"I believe..."
"Nor Have ...I.. heard...."

Well of course if ...Sagawa... had not heard, well simply cannot be so can it?
So, Sagawa calls into question Takeda's word, Takeda's reputation...from the way a guy looked in a photograph?
Well that settles that. Lets throw that 'ol Tanamo under the bus too.

Um...lets take a look at a seated photo of Liu ChengDe and compare it to a seated photo of Li Chugong, and compare it to a seated picture of Kodo and Sagawa, to a seated picture of Sony Chiba and Jae hun Kim of TKD and let's size people up and call mens word into question from our learned analysis shall we

Is this where we're going?
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