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Chuck Clark
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Looks as if you have a problem. If you're serious about wanting to learn what you have some previous concept of known as "martial arts" and there are no teachers in your area, then when you can leave...move where the best teacher you can find lives. If you miss on the first try, keep trying and look for a teacher.

There are no easy answers to the situation you're in. When I was 13 years old and had been training with an instructor since the age of 6, the instructor moved away and I had to catch rides on weekends to travel the 110 miles to the nearest dojo. This was in 1960 and I continued this until I got my own car in 1963. I then drove myself to this dojo. After graduation from high school, I left at 4:30 am the next morning for San Jose, California to train. I haven't stopped yet. You can do it also if you want it bad enough.

Good luck.

Chuck Clark
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