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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Well I can say that for someone new like me part of the reluctance might be the way some members here tend to treat less experienced people when they try to share their ideas. And speaking as someone quite junior... who am I to be telling all of these yundasha how its done?
To me, learning "internal strength" is like going to heaven, for most folks. Everyone wants to do it.... but not yet.

I have never, ever, in all my born years, seen a Shihan step out like Ikeda Sensei did and learn what he could, take off his hakama and sit as a student, and so on, while learning something he thought was critical to Aikido. And then have the grace to openly show and teach what he knows in public. He simply walked up to the cold pool and jumped in. Other people, including the relevant yudanshakai, need to emulate Ikeda Sensei's graciousness and sincerity, IMO. People in the mudansha ranks are often not as set in their ways and thus hindered in learning new movement patterns, so their input if valuable, too.
But if your dismount routinely ends in broken bones I might pass on trying it out. Ive never broken anything yet and I would like to continue the trend.
Wuss. I don't figure I've had a good day if I haven't broken at least one bone.

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