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Re: Ki Exercise Exchange

i don't have a ki exercise. i tend to stay away from ki/chi reference. i have an exercise i learned from a chen taiji teacher recently.

stand in "hug the tree pose" (do google on it). feet shoulder width. knees bend, not too deep. keep your crotch area to be round, sort of a U shape instead of a V shape. the crease areas between your legs and your lower stomach should be soft and relax. weight distributed evenly across the touching surface of your feet. keep your lower back slight bow out back and relax. shoulders relax and round. chest slightly hollow. you might have to rock slightly back and forth to find a position where all your weight seemed to fall down to your ankles. your quads should burn in about 5 minutes, if not, then you are not in the right place. after 20 minutes, if you can still walk, then you are much better than i.

then have someone push slightly on your right shoulder in the direction of your left foot. don't move a millimeter. let your mind open a path from your right shoulder to your left feet. try to stay loose. your body will microscopically readjust its internal structure so that you should only feel slight pressure at the contact points: right shoulder and bottom of left foot. then have that someone switching to the left shoulder and you form a path to your right foot. then switch to pushing the chest toward tail bone, open a path to both feet or either or switch back and forth between the feet. push from the back (the neck and shoulder meet). the lift both the elbows slight light, be heavy. push down on both shoulders, expand up. as these forces applied, you should not physically move, but use your mind to create the path ways. if your body relax enough, your body will do it microscopically forming the paths of your will.

once you have that feeling from the various pushes, you can do standing without the push but imagine that you are and form the path at will. do it with one direction first, for example, left. then add a second direction, say pushes from left and right, i.e. creates path way to both left and right shoulders at the same time. then do it 3, then 4, then 5, then 6. in the end you can set your body to deal with forces in 6 directions: left, right, front, back, up and down.

every now and then, have someone actually apply forces so that you don't start imagining things.

that is the basic. should take a year or two to master if practice diligently. i believed this practice call zhan zhuang.

another type of exercise that is also very good to learn: silk reeling
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