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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
I have found that I could perform the majority of the exercises Ikeda sensei has been showing at the seminars I have been to. But the ability to explain what exactly I am doing in order to get the effect eludes me at this time.
Trying to explain these demonstrations in words and physics is what I am encouraging people to do. It's not magic. Perhaps Ikeda Sensei's "Japlish" (as some of his own students call it) is inadequate to express things as well as Ikeda would like, but that doesn't mean that others shouldn't attempt to explain these essences of Aikido.

Obviously Ikeda Sensei thought this material was so important that he devoted time and effort to tracking it down more fully (note: he's had some aspects of these skills for years, so it's not totally new for him) and he also thinks it's so important that he focuses on it in a lot of his teachings. What people can do is take the hint and publicly work it out in order to enhance their understanding of Aikido (and other arts). Video is a good tool. The people who say they also know how to do these things... why can't they also make their efforts to describe/discuss?

If you ever get out in this neighborhood, stop by some day and I'll show you some kick-start ideas. If you're lucky, I'll also show you my secret "trick dismount" that I've perfected over the years.

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