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Re: Is there another solution?

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Wow, more responses then expected. I think too, I showed restraint.
What a nonsens.

You are simply stupid jerk. If you go to a dojo from different style, it is to be expected that you will suck in every detail. This is clearly quite normal situation, unless you have VERY high level.

I.e. if I go to for example: Yoshinkan or Tomiki dojo, I'll be complete beginner. Their pedagogical approach is very different and they will have all rights to correct every detail of my practice. In public, in front of everybody. I'd expect it. Only very traditional Japanese sensei will not say anything or will do it in private.

You put on white belt, wanted to be introduced as a student, but in reality you went there with a big head of high level instructor, that REQUIRES special respect and treatment. This is typical hypocrisy of many high ranking aikidoka that wear white belt again.

But the other instructor took everything literally and treated you as any other student that makes mistakes. That is why you got pissed off and got adrenaline shock. This is first point.

The second point is that your are hopeless and nothing can be done. If such trivial thing provoked you to the point loosing complete control on yourself, your behavior in any dangerous situation will be a real disaster. We can safely say time you spent on aikido training is for nothing.


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