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Re: Aiki Doh's

Haha, i have a new one...

Today before our class, there was a Hokuto Ryu JuJutsu demonstration in the dojo, they have beginners class to start soon, my friend is going to join their dojo and we went to watch the demo...

After the demo i went to dojo with my friend, there was one Nidan doing some after stretching there and he let us in.. Then he left, me and my friend left there to wait for my Aikibuddies. There was some Jo's in the corner so i thought i will warm up and try some jo stuff...

So i did some ukemi, Katas and general playing around with the jo. Ofcourse i did loud Kiai's and lot of movement, free practice.. Then the clock ticked and ticked, it was five past eight, i started to wonder where are my friends.. Then i heard some talk behind the dojo door, opened it, and there were my friends and our shodan humbly waiting for jujutsu class to end. How embarrasing, they really thought there was more people there on their class. You can imagine their laugh when they realised it was just me practicing and shouting loud Kiai's as i went on... Hehe, goo that i didnt wait ten more minutes.

Its ironic, at the same time i was embarrased to have them wait outside and felt good that my practicing sounded like several people.

Haha, funny and embarrasing moments seem to just follow where ever Aikido goes. At least when i'm in the dojo...

Well, we had a good class and i was already warmed up from start.
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