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Re: Is there another solution?

Wow, more responses then expected. I think too, I showed restraint.

Those who see it another way-
I didn't intend to choke him out. I wanted to rock him back on his heels a bit, he'd lose balance stepping back. I did play the same game. I felt pissed I was set up and he took advantage of the situation. I wanted him to see two can play the same game. I admit it was my ego kicking in. I understand I should have just ignored the game, and left. I get the criticism being said here. It is same type my friend and my fellow sensei tell me. But, I am not Gandhi.

That day, I made myself vulnerable. I went in under presumption of, and greeted as guest, not fodder for some guy's ego. I behaved, and was polite through the whole class. After class I stepped into his fight. He wasn't a nice guy, didn't handle himself or me properly. I agree if I didn't do something it would have bugged me. If I took it and walk away would cause me problems. I really don't think protesting in middle of class would have been the right move.

Thank you, everyone, I have a better perspective on it. I hope anyone can avoid situation like mine, where you are hi-jacked by those Adam Henry sensei. now to think of it, I should have done my homework on this Adam Henry of a sensei before I stepping into his place. Instead of relying on one source, my friend.