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Lari Hammarberg
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Re: Aikido Rule Number One

I find this little consept here to be really close to how i see my existance here..

I am not my body, not my name, not my ego...

Body is my temple, my home during this current lifetime, my mind is what makes my soul/spirit compatible with the body, but its not me.

I am the spirit, the soul. mind and body are extensions of my consciousness on my path here. Body does, mind guides body, soul guides mind(when i'm running the show, not my ego.) and the spirit is who i really am.

This is only how i percieve this, i like this philosophy...

And if i manage to make the body, mind and soul work as one, my Aikido works.

I think it's a western consept to see there's only body/mind/soul... I see it that there's spirit too. HIger self or I, it has many names.
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