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Re: Metaphors

Josh Philipson wrote: View Post
>"Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra",
"Temba, his arms wide."
>"Shaka, when the walls fell."

phi, the walls won't fall.
My "rebuttle": Castles made of sand slips into the sea, eventually.

I remember watching that episode and thinking, "how the hell can he be so sure he's understanding the meaning? It's too damned vague!!!" I mean, what if the walls were the one's built by Pink Floyd? That would be good wouldn't it? Or if they're the ones that protected people from the Golden Horde? That'd be bad! ...But that's why I'm not Captain of the Enterprise.

I recall learning about one or two of the Catholic saints (Aquinas?) who essentially espoused a mystical view of spirituality, that one can commune with spirit (whatever that may be) directly. Ever since then, I've been drawn to the concept of mysticism because it seems to take root in a direct approach for application. After learning something about Natural Religion, I came to feel even more comfortable with mystical language.
Natural religions/philosophies tend to be "old" and based on a time when people seemed to look at the world around them, notice something, and then seek to describe it to the best of their knowledge. It might've been somewhat more intuition-based, but it wasn't exactly less intelligent than what people today express. In many regards you might say they had less distractions than most people have today.

Mike wrote:
Previously I thought there were some unusual and telling cross-overs, but as the number of these has grown over the years I'm being forced to take a different perspective.
Would you be willing to give an example?

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