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Now I feel that one of the biggest functions of ki is to allow communication between people who have no common language. They can understand one another through the ki. And if you've ever been the only non-speaker of the language where you are, you know what I mean: you pay a lot of attention to the person you want to communicate with and they pay a lot of attention to you and you do all kinds of stuff to get the idea across, miming, mapping, so on. And life goes on, but if you made a friend that day by paying close attention, likely, you'll soon be speaking the new language!

I think really well-developed ki can manage even better than that. But it still may not work agete on that grip of yours!

Best to you.

Dude all your ki talk has made me buy another book today by Ushiro Kenji lol. BTW, I have had many many moments where I've shared moments of extreme depths with Japanese people, even when I was barely conversational. Those times were priceless.

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