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Re: Metaphors

Perhaps we are all just doing the best we can to express our thoughts in what they are to us, what they are like, and what they are not.

IMHO, just because they do or don't match someone elses expression doesn't mean they are right/wrong, good or bad.

That is one of the limits of language and communication. What I hear someone say gets translated into my langauge and the meanings may not match. Happens all the time.

Now add different cultures, language, religion, and time and the understanding and translation become harder. But many are trying to understand and get an accurate translation and understanding of what O'Sensei possibly meant.

Until then we will continue to miscomunicate and misunderstand, but continue the training and the journey.

Seldom are thing what they superficially seem, but sometimes they are. Wisdom/serenity is knowing the difference.


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