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now if you put those sort of things into bad, non rhyme poems, then you got a bunch of doka that talked about god, kami and so on and so forth. bloody confusing! which got folks who really want to believe in things interpret as loving and harmony, when he could have discuss about how to pound you into the pavement and make you one with the earth.
There are now some real questions about "make a unity connection" and "become one with your opponent", etc., leading toward quasi-religious idea that this sort of "harmony" with an oponent could be extended to a "harmony" with the whole universe that allows you to not find any friction in life, attacking opponents are attacking themselves, and so on and on. I.e., what a lot of people have taken as a philosophical perspective could well have originated as a physical "self-development" that was considered superior to the normal physical development. Who knows? It's just that the coincidences are so improbably prevalent.

2 cents.

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