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Re: The Seven Virtues

One of my sensei teached me only "one" thing. Free yourself of that bag on your back full of waste, don't become a robot. Only when you are free, you will become a true martial artist;
Once I asked him, sensei how many ways to do oshi taoshi (ikkyo in aikikai). He said : I don't know, its depend on what is happening.
Depending on many rules will make a robot of you and it kills your creativity.
I respect very much my sensei, but my aikido is mine and is different from his aikido. And his aikido is different from Ueshiba's aikido, and he was a direct student!
The 7 virtues are interesting items but they cannot replace the virtues which my parents teached me.

No left, .... right.
I said left and not right... right

something like that by John Cleese
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