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Re: Ki Eureka

Had an interesting encounter today: I met someone for the first time and tried some IT on him—a law enforcement officer at least 20 years younger than I, with a background in wrestling and boxing, with older brothers into the same thing, one of them going to UFC. This officer has trained extensively with his UFC brother and in Brazilian jujutsu. He's in pretty good shape--looks strong and like a fighter with visible scars on his face. He's maybe four inches shorter than I, but probably close to my weight--all in muscle.

After we talked awhile, I asked if he'd like to try the push-out exercise (from Aunkai). He eagerly accepted.

I wanted to see if I could tell any difference in my push-out since my recognitions about ki—and with an experienced street fighter with no prep for what I was going to do.

So we stood face to face and I pulled my hands back and let him extend his arms to me. And then I pushed out. It was very interesting. He had no idea how to source any power with all mechanical advantages removed. He leaned on me a lot and I showed him how this would be a great opening for o goshi or tai otoshi. I didn't lean into him at all and though I really went back to my heels, I still didn't lose the advantage. I was always able to push him out. I explained how I was letting all his force go right to my feet instead of letting it catch somewhere higher up my body. I even bent backward and was able to push him out. I did notice some involvement of ki, but it wasn't making any big difference in my push-out. It was making a contribution, though, and I think that little by little that contribution will increase.

I showed him this because he was complaining of injuries including cartilage and tendons. I stressed that the ability to apply this in fighting was another thing, but that it was definitely good for his cartilage, tendons and general health. He suggested starting classes.

So I'd count that as a pretty big success. The ki aspect was really mostly in that he felt like talking to me about martial arts when I hadn't mentioned it and he'd never met me before. But he felt a connection and that's what got it going.


Best to all.


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