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Re: The Seven Virtues

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
We all know the 7 virtues of Budo, represented by the 7 pleats of the hakama.

Jin: benevolence
Gi: honor or justice
Rei: etiquette or politeness
Chi: wisdom
Shin: sincerity
Chu: loyalty
Koh: piety or humanity

I have a personal belief that all these virtues are invaluable "soft skills" in life. While I'm not perfect and fall short of much, I believe that values like these are a good foundation for living a successful and full life. While at times I've been short or rude with people I understand the importance of the virtue Rei. etc. etc.

While I respect these virtues, there might be others who disregard them for whatever reason.
What are your views?
Hi Maggie. Ineresting thread. I didn't know the seven virtues of budo and neither did I know the seven pleats of the Hakama represent them and so on doing a little research found more interesting facts, even how O'Sensei insisted on everyone wearing an Hakama. So thank you for that.

As to views on it, it did get me thinking. I think most people in this world admire those and more in people who follow them. It reminds me of a Jet Li film called 'Hero' ( I think) where there is the arch enemy bad guy japanese and there is also a samurai who is a bit old school. The samurai displays all these virtues and thus is not only an admirable charachter in the movie but also someone others can look up to and hold as a role model.

Although this is a movie I think it applies just the same in life and martial arts and sport etc. In fact I would say that O'Sensei being honoured by that title has as much to do with his continued adherence to those virtues as it has to do with his martal skill.

People at the top of all sports and martial arts etc. who adhere to these and other virtues are admired and even revered far more than the arrogant ones.

I call all negative attitudes like belittling, mocking etc. the way of the lazy mind. Anyone can do it, it's easy. It lacks all of the above.

Regards. G.
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