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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: The Seven Virtues

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Thanks Demetrio..
Ok then the bushido code of Nitobe is idealized. But Saotome gives the almost same meaning to the seven pleats of the hakama..
IIRC Saotome Sensei was quoting O Sensei, maybe he was talking on a spiritual level, you know, the level where mundane knowledge does not apply.

But I think it is useful for every budoka at least to think about the seven virtues, after that.. everyone decides how he will behave himself. But in my humble experience it is always better for oneself to live with that virtues than without them..or against them
Why these virtues and not others? Aristotelian, Christian, Buddhist... we'll end wearing schoolgirl skirts instead of hakama.

Too many verbs in that sentence, Demetrio!
Ooops!, sorry. My bad.

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