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Where are the no voters?

So Chuck Clark Sensei and I have weighed in with votes for 90 - 100 % atemi. Several other posters have signed on in agreement. But I am looking at the results of the voting and see that the large majority of people feel that atemi is less than half of Aikido. I am really interetsed to know what that means.

Do you think that atemi isn't necessary for application of technique on a martial a level? Do you think that over use of atemi is hiding technical issues that should be addressed? Do you think that atemi is not ethical because it is violent> And if so do you really think that non-violent self defense is possible? Do you believe that Aikido isn't even about self defense and is just a moving meditation and not to be used practically?

I have at one time or another heard all of these propositions put forth. I would just like to hear what those folks who think that atemi isn't important have to say about the art. Clearly there are more of you out there than there are people like myself. Explain why you voted the way you did.

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