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Re: What Is Your Responsibility in Training?

Nice post sensei and incredibly open, thankyou. Also enjoying the followup posts too.

In some ways gratifying other ways disappointing that what was suspected to be just our experience here in the antipodes seems to be the norm.

Simplistically I suspect smaller seminars might reduce this as a problem and great to hear of its success within your own network (and seem to be on the rise over here), costs associated with running seminars and the requirements to generate income and grow /develop organisations seem to preclude this at least in our neck of the woods.

In our school it seems there is a 'give up on learning', stagnation point or ceiling for many seniors. It reached subconsciously and is sadly the dominant culture I think. Its most often once we start teaching and it seems no new idea can permeate and only witnessed in the wild at seminars.

Seminars seem then to be less about transmission and more about other important issues of ones aikido career, such as being seen, catching up, going through the motions to maintain a position in the dan grade queue/ hierarchy, seeing who's the biggest dog, bringing the most students or sharing their own latest thing they want to show everybody take priority of continuing transmission.
I recall a visiting senior at one of our seminars (who seemed more interested in showing what he knew) put too much water in his tea such that it spilt over being asked quietly "cup too full sensei" - honestly why both coming?

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