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Re: What Is Your Responsibility in Training?

This post should be a wake up call.

Even folks who consider themselves to be disciplined and diligent in their training should pause for a moment to consider:

- When you go to a seminar, do you bring back a list of things to work on?

- For a given seminar, what are your primary motivations for attending? I really don't understand how people can attend a seminar and not try to practice what the teacher is showing.

- Those who live in areas where there is an abundance of dojo and seminars have a lot to sift through, which can lead to a lack of focused effort. If you are attending a seminar every couple of weeks, how do you decide what to really incorporate into your own training (and what you teach, if you do). Don't get caught trading depth for breadth.

- If you don't have an abundance of dojo and high level teachers in your area, when you attend a seminar, do you make a personal commitment to bring what you experience back to raise the level of your whole dojo?

- It is worth considering hosting your own seminars, if you don't. Consider that traveling by plane to an out of town seminar can easily cost $1000 by the time you pay for airfare, hotel, rental car, and seminar fees. Five dojo mates can pay half that each and cover the cost of bringing in a guest instructor for a weekend of focused training in your own dojo on the topics that your group most needs to work on.
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