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Lari Hammarberg
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Re: Aiki Doh's

Ok, here's some recent ones... All this in latest class.

First of all, i was late... I was changing my practice clothes on(I don't have a gi yet.) and in my haste managed to split my pants. Not totally but enough to be noticeable. My foot stuck and ripped though.. Well, no other choise than put the broken pants on and head to the mat.

When i entered the dojo, i see we have Shodan there, haven't seen him before it... And i'm late.. Well, i humbly bowed, apologised for being late and our shodan guided me to do some streches and then join the practice.

We were doing Ikkyo for the whole class, many different techniues, stuff which have ikkyo done one way or another. I started the technique showed with the only woman in our dojo, nice girl and rather good to do techniques.. Well, she throws me and i just though that hopefully my already broken pants hold in one piece.. She throws me, i land to the mat with reasonable good ukemi. And when i got up... *Screech* goes my pants. Damn i was embarrased for a moment. You can guess how the girl laughed and giggled. Well i laughed too and told her i already broke my pants before the class so i dont have much to loose.

Then later in the class, our shodan came to correct my partner and proceeded to show the technique with me as his uke. And this shodan is a MMA/Karate/Judo guy outside Aikido and he has the "true budo spirit" so to speak. When he shows techniqued, he doesnt warn when he starts. Two times he almost hit me in the face because i didnt expect so sudden move. On the second time he grabbed my hand and put it where it supposed to be. Then i got his game and readied myself. I managed to catch up with him, he does the technique and it hurt like hell, OUUUCH! with highest pitch i can produce.

Hehe, it was fun anyway. I wasn't the only one who squeecked in his hands. I mean this shodan really knows his technique.. Good, professional teacher. Looks like a i-take-no-shit-from-anyone, but he's really nice bloke. Has a good attitude and really is worth his salt in dojo.

I'll tell you more Aikidoh's as things develop.
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