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Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
So do you think of the jo as a weapon, or is it something else for you?
Dear Cliff,
If a jo is not potentially a weapon[in this instance ]what else would you say a jo was?You could say a jo could assist you as a walking aid,maybe a rough guide as a measuring stick,a replacement for
tent pole? I am sure you even saw it in two and make imitation escrima sticks?Other uses come to my fevered mind--a resting pole for tired feathered friends/ perhaps a spare part for a prosthetic limb a la Long John Silver?
Have you other uses for a jo?Do you see a jo as a metaphysical object?
Cheers , Joe,
Ps I apologise in advance to anybody with walking difficulties, people with no tape measures, boy scouts/ escrima chaps/pigeons and Long John Silver impersonators[and of course our readers].
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